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Slide Light

Slide Light

  • Works on all straight tracks up to 6 meters
  • For (heavy) single and double (symmetrical) curtains
  • Control your Slide from anywhere in the world with the Slide app
  • Timer routines
  • Sunrise and sunset routines
  • Alarm clock function
  • Manually operated




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Sale price €229,-
  • Try it for 30 days, money back if you are not satisfied
  • Easy installation, 2 year warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Ordered before 22:00, delivered the next business day

Slide Light

  • Works on all straight tracks up to 6 meters
  • For (heavy) single and double (symmetrical) curtains
  • Control your Slide from anywhere in the world with the Slide app
  • Timer routines
  • Sunrise and sunset routines
  • Alarm clock function
  • Manually operated
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The best reviewed curtain system

  • "The best smart curtains of 2023 | 9,5/10"

  • "4,5 out of 5 stars"

  • "The best system you can chose"

  • "Best smart curtain system of 2023"

One app opens all possibilities

Discover powerful new features for your curtains

  • Holiday mode with random interval times
  • Wake up with natural light
  • Choose a specific time / timer
  • Time for sunrise / sunset
  • Super slow or fast with Speedcontrol (Comfort & Pro)
  • Touch&Go for easy manual operation (Comfort & Pro)


Just give your curtains a little pull

and Slide takes care of the rest.

Why Slide?

Slide is the universal and reliable solution for smart curtains. Bring your curtains to life with the many features that Slides has to offer.

The unique benefits of Slide

Feel safer away from home, save on your energy bill and wake up energized!

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Easy installation, no tools needed

Slide is attached to your existing curtain rails. There is no drill or screw involved. Just...


Pro exclusive

Seamless smart home integration

Slide works independently but also together. You can easily connect Slide with Google Assistant and many other smart home systems.

All integrations

Always out of sight

  • Completely hidden behind your curtains

    After installation, Slide is completely hidden behind your curtains. The Slide app guides you through the installation flow with step-by-step video's.

Mentioned in:

"4.5 / 5 stars"

“Making every curtain ‘smart”

“makes your ‘dumb’ curtains smart”

“Cha cha real smooth”

“way ahead of its time”

“Dutch startup comes with smart curtain system Slide”

  • Smart inside & outside

    Slide's high-tech mechanics are patented. The power of proven tech, renewed and combined into one universal motor.

  • Powerful and Reliable

    With a powerful and quiet motor and a cable used in parachutes, Slide can easily pull heavy and even double curtains every day.

  • High-grade materials

    Every part of Slide is designed an manufactured with durability and smoothness of operation in mind.


  • Supported curtain types

    All straight curtain tracks up to 6 meters. Slide does not support curved or cornered tracks. One Slide can pull a single or double symmetrical curtain setup.

  • Motor strength

    Slide can pull both light and heavy curtains. For Slide it doesn't matter what type of curtain you have. For this reason we say: If you are able to move the curtains by hand, Slide can move them too. To specify: Slide has a powerful 12V motor with a rated strength of over 17KG/cm.

  • Power supply

    Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz 0.6A. Output: 12V ⎓ 2.5A. 
Includes 5 meter power cable that is hidden behind the curtain.

  • Weight

    Total package: 1.9kg. Motor unit: 1.4kg.

  • Materials

    High-quality POM, PC ABS Plastic & soft grey fabric design cover.

  • Computing unit

    Custom-design low-power board including 240MHz Dual Core SOC, motor driver and magnetic sensor system.

  • Wireless connectivity

    WiFi 802.11 b/g/n built-in (no gateway required).
    Bluetooth 4.2 and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for Slidemote control

  • Mobile apps

    The Slide App is available for iOS and Android

  • Integrations & Voice control

    Integrations are only available for Slide Pro. See Integrations for a full overview of available integrations and our Open API

  • Add-ons & Forward compatibility

    Slide includes a proprietary Data Port that supports future add-ons. This means Slide is ready for future physical upgrades to add new features or expand wireless connectivity options.


Do the Pro, Comfort and Light versions differ in hardware?

All the Slide versions have the same hardware. Their only difference is the software that is loaded on to them.

This also makes it possible to upgrade a Slide later. For example, if you would like to add Pro functionality to your Slide Light, you can buy an upgrade and make it into one!

Scroll down on this page to select your preferred upgrade.

Does Slide work with my curtains?

Slide is made to work on all straight tracks, up to six meters. One Slide can control a single or a double curtain setup as long as they are equal in width. You can always try-out Slide free of charge with our 30 days satisfaction guarantee.

If you have three or more curtains on one track, we most likely have an easy solution too. In this case please contact us at

How do I install Slide?

Have a look at our Installation page to see for yourself how easy it is to set up Slide in your home.

How strong is Slide?

No worries about that. Slide has a powerful motor and rugged patented mechanics to close heavy (double) curtains with ease.

Since Slide works on existing tracks, it is hard to define a curtain weight. A old rusty track with light curtains can be just as heavy for Slide as heavy curtains on a smooth track. Therefore we say: if you can open your curtains by hand, Slide can do it too!

Do you offer an installation service?

To start, please know that the installation of Slide is really easy. The app guides you through the whole process with step-by-step videos and the whole installation can be done without the use of any tool. Just click & Slide!

If you do like to have your Slide installed. We offer a installation service in the Netherlands. The price depends on your location, starting from €60,- If you're interested in this, please send us an email at and we'll see what we can do for you.

I have a question about shipping

Have a look here for shipping information per country.

Who's behind Slide?

Slide is created by Innovation in Motion, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our mission is to re-invent the everyday, and we want to do that by creating products that we're passionate about. Products that help improve and simplify the motions and routines that you go through in everyday life at home. Learn more on our "about us" page.


For problems during on-boarding / installation, please have a look here.

Problems that occurred after installation, please see this article.

For any other question take a look at our knowledge base that probably can help you out further.

You can also always email us at We usually reply within a few hours!

Want to upgrade your Slide Light?

Your Slide Light can be upgraded to a Comfort of Pro version. Select your upgrade below:

Software upgrade

Slide upgrade (Light > Comfort)

By upgrading to Slide Comfort you enable Touch&Go and SpeedControl.

Touch&Go let's you give your curtain just a little tug and Slide takes over.

Speedcontrol let's you set Slide's speed. Perfect for the relaxed morning.

  • + Touch&Go
  • + SpeedControl


Software upgrade

Slide upgrade (Light > Pro)

By upgrading to Pro you unlock new features such as voice control with Google Home: "Hey Google, open the curtains".

With IFTTT the possibilities are endless. For example: link Slide to the UV index and close the curtains if it's too high.

  • + Smart home integrations
  • + Google Home
  • + IFTTT