Make your curtains smart
in no-time

Smart curtains
made simple.


Complete kit to make your existing curtains smart. Works on the majority of common curtain rails.


A modular installation system to mount Slide on your existing track without any tools. Most people install it in under 15 minutes.

Truly smart

Take control and set routines with the Slide App for iOS & Android, as well as various smart home integrations including voice control.

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Check if Slide fits on your curtains

Why Slide

Secure your home

Activate Holiday Mode and keep burglars in the dark. With Slide's smart algoritm it will look like you never left the house.

Voice control

Thanks to the integration with Google Assistant, you can easily start your romantic night by asking Google to close the curtains..

Wake up with natural light

Set Slide's speed to slow-mo and let it open in the morning to wake up more naturally and energized to kickstart your day!

A single touch of magic

Manual control, upgraded:
Touch & Go

Manual control, upgraded:
Touch & Go

Sometimes you just want to reach for the curtains. With Slide, manually opening them by hand is still an option. But for the ultimate luxury and convenience, you can use Touch & Go. Just give it a little pull, and Slide will take over. It's magic time.

Check if Slide fits on your curtains