Make your
curtains smart

Slide Electric Curtains

Slide is the most universal and reliable solution to make your existing curtains smart and electric. Bring your curtains to life with the many features that Slide has to offer.

Wake up naturally

Set Slide's alarm clock function and let daylight wake you up for a day full of energy.

Safe from home

Control your curtains from anywhere in the world. With Slide, no one needs to know you're gone.

Insulate and save

Use the insulating power of curtains. You can save up to 270 m3 of gas per year. Saving both the environment and your wallet.

Smart Integrations

Connect with any smarthome app and control the curtains with your voice!

One app opens all possibilities

Discover powerful new features for your curtains

  • Holiday mode with random interval times
  • Wake up with natural light
  • Choose a specific time / timer
  • Time for sunrise / sunset
  • Super slow or fast with Speedcontrol
  • A little tug on the curtain with Touch&Go
  • Smart inside & outside

    Slide's high-tech mechanics are patented. The power of proven tech, renewed and combined into one universal motor.

  • Powerful and Reliable

    With a powerful and quiet motor and a cable used in parachutes, Slide can easily pull heavy and even double curtains every day.

  • High-grade materials

    Every part of Slide is designed an manufactured with durability and smoothness of operation in mind.

Seamless integrations (Pro)

Complete your smart home by linking Slide to your favourite integrations. Our list of integrations is always expanding.


Mentioned in:

"4,5 / 5 stars"

“way ahead of its time”

“Cha cha real smooth”

“FWD smart home award"

“Making every curtain ‘smart”

“Dutch startup comes with smart curtain system Slide”

How it works

Slide is easily mounted on your existing rails. The Slide app guides you through the installation process with step by step videos.

More on installation

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