Return policy

At Slide we are confident you will love our product. Therefore we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you're not happy with you Slide (bought at our website).

What return options do I have?

You have 3 options within 30 days of receiving your product:

- Exchange your product for a new one for free.

- Have your product repaired.

- Return your product for free and get a refund.

Your product will always be repaired after 30 days.

Contact and we'll get back to you usually within 24 hours.

What are the return requirements?

Within 30 days, you can register your product for return. You can do this by simply writing an email you wish to return the product at

After registration, you'll have another 14 days to return your product for free.

You can choose between exchanging your product for free, or have your money refunded.

To get the full purchase price back, it's
important to return your product in its original condition and undamaged.

What do I have to do to return my product?

Register your return by sending us an email at

Prepare your product for the return trip:

Pack it well and sturdily. If you can, use the original packaging. That way, you can keep the product damage-free, and we might be able to make someone else happy with it. We'll look at the condition of your returned product and determine what the depreciation is based on that;

Ship the product to us. After receiving the product and evaluating the condition we will transfer the money back to you.

If desirable you can delete your data and account in the Slide app.

Other question?

Visit our support site:

or drop us an email at:

How to return?

Write us an email at and we will email you the return instructions.

Once we have received the product, we will refund the whole amount to your bank account within a couple of days.