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What the media says about Slide

Are you curious what other media say about Slide? Read it below:

De Telegraaf

"Smart curtains that let the sun shine automatically"

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The Verge

"Turn your stone age curtains into voice-controlled super-curtains with Slide"

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"Slide is a premium product that is well put together and will make most smarthome-users enthusiastic"

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Zorghulpmiddelen Info

"Tested as the best electic curtain"

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Podcast V2: Numrush

"Een addition in your house you didn't know you need, but can't live without after installation."

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"The feeling of luxury that it gives can rightly be called priceless"

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Het Nieuwsblad

"That we don't have to worry about that big garden window curtain is a real treat"

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"If you are looking for a reliable and versatile solution for smart curtains, Slide is definitely recommended."

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Mixed Grill

"Making your house smart is easy with Slide"

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"Tested as the best smart curtains of 2023"

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"With Slide you buy a well developed, premium product that fits on many different curtain tracks"

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"Slide is a complete and user-friendly system to make your dumb curtains smart."

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Coole Suggesties

"The app is simple and easy to use, the routines are clear and easy to set up."

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Inhuis Beveiliging

"Tested as the best electric curtain system."

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The installation of the Slide is simple. The app walks you through the entire installation process with videos for each step. Another advantage: no drill or tools are required.

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"Ingenious system makes almost all curtains incredibly smart"

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Smarta HemTest

"With its universal motor and easy installation, you can turn your existing curtains into a smart curtain system in no time."

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Duurzaam Thuis

It makes life just that little bit easier and it feels like a luxury to also save on heating costs in this way.

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