There are 2 types of universal curtain systems:

Open loop system


Friction wheel systems

Slide's unique patented "open-loop" mechanics

Bringing the power of luxury custom made tracks into a universal format.

Slide compared to Switchbot and others

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Slipwheel-based systems
(i.e. Switchbot, Tuya, Morning+)
Traditional motorized curtains
(i.e. Somfy, Forest, Flexxii)
  • Strong

  • Medium

  • Weak


Able to pull heavy double curtains up to 6 meters

Only for light weight curtains

A motor can be selected on the strength needed


High durability due to patented open-loop system

Dependent on friction on track

Closed-loop reliable system

Smart scenes / routines

All models allow full smart routine control

Timer routines available.

Hub required for sunset/-rise routines

Hub needed to set routines

Smart home connectivity

Integrated hub in the motor (Pro)

Separate hub needed for smart home integrations

Separate hub needed for smart home integrations


Tool-free installation < 30 min

Tool-free installation < 10 min

Complex: requires track replacement


Slide works on all straight tracks, for single and double curtains

For light weight curtains. Each curtain requires a separate motor

Custom made tracks allow customization


Starting at €199,- for single or double curtains up to 6 meters.

Low cost for one single curtain. More expensive for double curtains with smart hub.

Costly product and usually requires external installation sevice

  • Strong

  • Medium

  • Weak

  • Absence

Start Sliding from €199,-

The differences:


Slide uses the strength of luxury custom-made tracks but puts it in a universal accessible format. This allows the motor to use its full force.

If you can open and close the curtains by hand, Slide can do it too!


Unlike slipwheel based systems like Switchbot, Slide does not use the track itself to pull the curtains. This has two major advantages:

  1. There is virtually no wear
  2. The position of the curtains always remains accurate

The set

Everything you need is in the box.

No need for an extra hub to connect it to your smart home or control it outside of your home.

Battery/Power Supply

Batteries are awesome, but not for every thinkable appliance. Do you want to get a ladder to charge your smart curtains?

Slide uses an adapter with a length of 5 meters for your socket. Not only can the strong motor function properly, but everything is also nicely hidden behind the curtain, completely out of sight. Never worry about it again!

Slide starting at €199,-