Become a Friend of Slide

What is it?

Great to hear you're interested in becoming a Friend of Slide! The concept is quite simple: if you're happy with Slide you can share the joy by giving away a 10% discount, and by doing so you will receive an extra 10% discount bonus cash-back on your order.

How does it work?

Easy, your Slide (app) account email address is also your give-away discount code!

If someone uses this code on checkout he or she will receive a discount of 10% on their order.

How can I claim my cash-back?

Simply send us an email of your friend's order number at After 30 days (our return policy) you will be entitled for the 10% cash-back bonus which we will wire to you.

Important information

Your personal give-away discount code is valid from at least 30 days of your own Slide account creation.

The terms and conditions of this program may be subject to change.

If you run into trouble do not hesitate to email us at

Starting at €199,-

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