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Slide Smart Curtains

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  • Finish your smarthome with Slide automated curtains.

The advantages of Smart Curtains

Burglary Prevention

Leave your home protected with the Holiday Mode and open/close your curtains on a specified time grid.

Natural Alarm

Wake up to natural sunlight by connecting Slide to your smart alarm apps.

Connect to any smart home integration

Connect Slide to any smart home application to use automated schemes or to use voice control.

Save on your Energy Bill

During winter times, you can save on energy by having the curtains closed automatically; keeping the cold out.

Why Slide is the best reviewed curtain system


Slide can pull heavy single and double curtains up to 6 meters with ease.

Easy installation

Complete tool-free installation on your existing curtain track.

Complete system

Everything you need is in one beautiful box, no separate hubs or extra accessories needed.