Slide for ANBO members

Slide is a universal smart curtain system that allows you to automatically control your existing curtains.

Slide fits all straight track systems. So you can just leave your curtains and rails hanging!

Discover the benefits of Slide

Start each day fresh

Bring the curtains to life with the many features and integrations available to Slide. By setting routines, decide when and how to start the day fresh.

Ultimate comfort and convenience

Slide can be used in many new and unique ways, such as setting routines or opening and closing the curtains with the click of a smart button, all from the comfort of your own sofa.

Slide can also be used with a simple voice command: "Hey Google, open the curtains". Or just give Slide a small tug to activate Slide with the Touch & Go.

Safe from home

Keep thieves out. One of the most important burglary prevention tips is to make it look like someone is home.

Having your neighbors open and close curtains is a tip by the police for a good reason. Now, just ask Slide.

You can control your Slide from anywhere in the world with the Slide app. Are you home a little later, or on vacation? No problem, with the push of a button it is just like any other day for the outside

Slide prevents the risk of falling

Did you know that every year one third to half of all elderly people over 65 fall at some point? Opening and closing the curtains is one of the actions in which this occurs more often. With Slide, that's a thing of the past!

Just for ANBO-members we have a unique discount of 20% on Slide Pro. Your ANBO member number is your discount code.

At checkout just fill outout "ANBO" followed by your member number.

For example: ANBO123456789

  • Start the day fresh

    Use Slide's routines to wake up every day fresh and vitalized.

  • Insulate and save warmth

    Close the curtains on time so that the warmth is saved indoors during the cold winter months

  • Fool-proof

    The curtains can always be operated manually, fool-proof

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